Lost this bookmark for almost a week. Made one for everyone in the Fam last Christmas. Last Friday I had my library book under my arm as I went into a store to make a purchase. Left the book and walked out with the goods. Called what I thought was the right store for two days until I went back and found it was a different company.

“Yes,” the young man who originally waited on me said, “I put it right here, but then someone moved it.” I felt relieved – finally reunited with my bookmark – and book, of course. Couldn’t find it. Took name/phone number. Called next two days. Couldn’t find it. Really? Went back this Wednesday. “Oh yes,” said the manager, “I dug down deep in the ‘lost and found’ for somebody’s glasses and there was your book!”

Where had they been digging for my book? The beautiful thing was the two people I spoke with were Andrew and Greg – the names of two of my brothers! Hmmm- the ones I remember once trying to convince me my stomach was my back and my back was my stomach.