I do hope we can all find some:
I just don’t feel like I can let this week’s blog go by without acknowledging how trying it continues to be to feel good living in a country that is beginning to posture itself the way ours is in our world. A little voice inside says maybe this is a last gasp from a mindset that seems to make its decisions from a place of narrow fear. I spoke with a friend this afternoon who, too, is finding it difficult and troubling to have confidence that this Administration will uphold the values America, or at least I, as an American, have held so dear and true for so long. To varying degrees throughout all the presidencies I have been conscious for I haven’t been in total agreement with them but I have felt some sense of confidence in their humanity. I am finding it hard to feel that confidence in this case.

I am practicing seeing each person I encounter (physically and otherwise) as me – as an extension of me – not in a narcissistic way – but rather in a wholly accepting way. I see the truth in that way of viewing things. In my own way I have made some thread – or rope – or cable – some derivative of the same vein of some of the decisions that are being made from our White House – whether I have done so out loud or in loud. Still – I struggle with how to hold this all. And then I think of those who voted this Administration in and think perhaps some of those folks have been feeling the way I’m feeling now, in some way, for some years.

How to find Common Ground?