Do I know me?

I admit I write run-on emails. I’m in charge of organizing our family gathering this year – it’s supposed to happen around Christmas but April Fools Day is the closest we could come.

Somehow that feels so very right and good to me.

So my blessed eldest piggybacks (Replies All) on my family all-out-informational-broadcast email with her own daughterly translation.

(Which, BTW,  WAS much more succinctly and coherently put!)

My whole being SMILED.

First, in the joy and wonder of progeny – second, in witness of continuing emerging adulthood – and – perhaps third – perhaps further down the list – in being known.

Being known by one’s child and children. Is there a finer grace?

Well – in truth – perhaps being known by one’s OWN self IS a bit more of an essential grace – albeit a lifelong endeavor!