I was driving home from skiing up north last Sunday – the day after the snow. It was a slog in the afternoon but nice and light in the morning.

Listening to NPR I heard an interview with a 20 something rapper who stopped in before doing his gig in Washington D.C. I have not yet heard his work, but I will. I received some ZINGS I didn’t know I needed. Grateful.

Vince Staples responded to one question the interviewer asked with the statement [I paraphrase] ‘I won’t be one of those magical negroes’ – one of those considered, apparently surprising to some [of us white folks], both talented AND smart. Bamm! Brick wall.

Then the interviewer said his lyrics/thoughts/words seem ‘beyond his years.’ To which Staples replied [I paraphrase] ‘Now let’s take a look at that. At exactly what age would my words be right?’ Bamm!

The third exchange was when Staples spoke of the hype around gangs and gang violence and how to stop it. [And again.] ‘Why instead aren’t people asking why these little black and brown boys find each other and stick with each other when nobody else takes any interest in them?’

It’s a terrifying gift to come across someone who fearlessly tells the truth.

To read the interview: http://www.npr.org/programs/all-things-considered/2017/04/02/522389021