Our youngest is almost 13 years old – almost a teenager! I taught middle school for a few years. As a parent I’ve found the teen years to be my greatest challenge.

When I was young there were two things I wanted to do for work – help build homes for folks in poorer areas/countries – and work with juvenile delinquents. I still feel I could have done the former effectively (as a grunt worker), but the latter – no way! And I only know that through experience. NOT because any of our children were delinquents! But more because I tend to be delinquent in finding effective manners of handling the necessary twists and turns teens MUST take and make in order to thrive, learn and prosper.

SO – here comes our youngest heading into his roaring teens.

A friend and I were discussing the various nuances of our like-aged sons’ ways – comparing and contrasting – but perhaps – most honestly – (lightheartedly) (???) commiserating – when suddenly a phrase rollicked out of my mouth:

“Sometimes you just want to say: ‘GO TO YOUR TWENTIES!’

Of course, ‘twenties’ have their own interesting adventures…