Last night I got to study a master. Tonight I continue. I saw Susan Werner (and Trina Hamlin) in concert – and tonight – Cheryl Wheeler – at TCAN in Natick. Shawn Colvin comes at the end of the month!

Here in my later years it’s occurring to me I can learn a lot from people who have devoted themselves to their music and performing. A prodigious blues/rock/jazz pianist and guitarist as well as an amazing voice and vocal technician – I sat in grateful witness of Werner’s artistry.

And then she invited Trina Hamlin (impromptu, it seems) to perform a couple of her tunes. This musician who plays a mean harmonica and drum set – with only a small bass drum, splash cymbal, and drum head – resting on her lap – got up, strode over to the piano, and wailed in two honky tonk blues tunes on both piano and her rich, husky voice. Okay, okay. I catch your meaning, World. Here are our experts.

For her finale (before three encore tunes), Werner performed her 2017, updated political version, of ‘My Strange Nation.’ I had never heard it before last night. This is a home studio recording of hers I found on youtube: When she sang the line ‘We’ll take back our rights and liberties’ -the entire room simultaneously rose in whoops and cheering.

Susan Werner is one of our modern day prophets. I felt blessed to be in her presence.