I am venturing into my third big project of three – the first being my six kids’ songs and radio plays. Yesterday the radio plays had sound effects added by a Foley Artist in Toronto. The second – the musical based on a Norwegian fable. This third –  a recorded collection of my most poignant originals and one cover. I had the recent revelation that the project would benefit greatly from an experienced producer.

Because sometimes my intensity can cause me to overlook things, I hadn’t realized my engineer emailed me the name of a producer friend he suggested I contact. I didn’t find it until just a week ago. In the meantime I attended a concert by Susan Werner. I sat toward the back in a largely empty row of seats. (The room was VERY full.) In front of me sat two guys. In the middle of the show  Werner acknowledged the one as her phenomenal producer. I thought to myself, “Wow. I wish I could work with someone like that someday.”

So yesterday I met with the fellow my engineer suggested. He listened to my work and was interested in working with me. I noticed an album of Susan Werner’s on his studio wall.

“Oh. I just saw Susan Werner for the first time the other night at TCAN. She’s amazing.”

“Really? I was there,” he said.