Dharma Gates are boundless; I vow to enter them.

I’ve been repeating that phrase to myself for years. I once attended Buddhist meditation mornings in Worcester. https://worcesterzen.org/The Dharma Gates for me are all Life’s lessons. I take them as lessons because I want to keep learning.


I spoke with my producer.

That feels strange to say. But it’s true. I have contracted the services of a producer for my album. I recognized my piecemeal approach was keeping me from a broader view and I couldn’t get there on my own. I feel grateful for the presence of a new set of ears, eyes and experience to engage the work as a whole. I feel grateful for my musical coaches who have helped me hone my skills to a level that have attracted the interest of this fellow.

I am chomping at the bit.

“I can record in August – when my son is at camp.”

“Let’s talk about this. With a first album it usually takes time – time to find a sound – time to discover what works. Some songs get left behind while others pop their heads up out of nowhere. It can take a while.”

Time? Really?

“Thank you for that. August did feel a little pushed for me but I didn’t want to seem like a ne’er do well.”

“Oh Amanda – we’re musicians – we’re already in that category.”

Somehow hearing that released another padlock inside.