This is not their flock – but you get the idea.

Our 13 year-old son had his last day of school on Wednesday. He and friends were going paddle boarding Wednesday, to a friend’s pool party on Thursday, and to Canobie Lake Park on Friday. That’s quite an itinerary for those not yet old enough to be gainfully employed. The pool party did not take place due to, I gather, some elder or other having inconveniently scheduled a window replacement process for the very same day at the very same location as the pool. Alas, another case of double booking.

Out of the three ‘planned’ activities, the paddle boarding took place. I stand in wonder of our younger generations – especially the pocket of this one I get to observe in action. With the ability for instant communication, instant grand plans are rendered, as well as grand conversations.

The crew was comprised of four girls and two boys. What started as two other moms driving them to the State Park and everyone going for free became me buying a Massachusetts State Park pass – which we do every summer – and driving because there wasn’t enough room in the one other mom’s car – us paying for half with Son paying other half – me kayaking with other mom while the friend flock paddled around the reservoir.

And I do mean flock. Migrating largely in single file, they ‘rested’ periodically by pulling paddleboards together in a flotilla and spending the greater part of the hour and a half energetically chatting with one another.

Now that was not happening for me at the age of thirteen. Although i do begrudgingly admit it, there is a lot to be said for those darned hand held things that allow for young people being able to get in touch with each other and make, what turns out to be, in fact, grand plans.