I am in the process of seeking out publishers to send my illustrated story ‘Where are Sam and Grace’ to.

Sara Zieve Miller  http://www.sarazievemiller.com/ is a now young 20-something artist I witnessed growing up from afar. Visited these friends’ home a few times. Took note of her corner of the finished basement that was filled with books and fairies. That remembrance brought me to her when I was in search of an illustrator for what was going to be six books – but – for now, anyhow – decreased to one – due to funds and a burgeoning audio market.

A couple days ago I had the entire manuscript printed as a mock up, at Staples. I want to get a feel for the tangible thing.

To the person, all who’ve seen Sara’s illustrations have lauded them with effusive praise. Her work is stunning. Sara’s craft and diligence deserve a thriving professional artistic career and life. I heartily agreed with all comments said and then som.


I have to claim my demanding, self-centered child inside.

What about the text? What about the words? I researched, wrote, edited, researched, wrote edited. HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME!

Yup. Fifty-seven years old and still a devoted bratty seven year-old.

(Well, I suppose that would be assuming all seven year-olds act like that – which, I can easily attest to, is not the case.)

It’s a grace to be given opportunities to face our rough edges – to sit through feelings with little condemnation, and perhaps even a bit of patience, and simply witness the stomping.

And eventually come to the smiling joy of being able to create a text that in its own way inspired a talented and imaginative artist to give her craft to the illumination of what was written – of being able to collaborate –

Discovering joy in the – WHAT ABOUT US!