I heard a minister on WGBH’s Sunday morning religious radio broadcast say, “Have we become a nation where those who have more than enough will not help those with not enough?”

It takes some work for me to identify myself as an American when through their actions many of our governing Americans are sending the worldwide message that we as a nation are not concerned or responsible for all our citizens or the citizens as a whole of our human species.

It seems to me if one has accrued millions and billions of dollars, that money has not been earned in a solo vacuum and should not benefit the most powerful so profusely. No doubt there have somewhere been hands of many making that profitability for that person possible. Why should not the workers who make – actually MAKE – those million and billion dollar homes and products be rewarded richly?

I believe there was a time in our nation when owners’ and administrators’ salaries were tied to manual workers’ salaries by percentages by law.  Why not again?

Why is there now not enough for so many? Billionaire’s included.