Work on my recording album is moving forward.

Luckily I had recorded (and re-recorded) the songs on keyboard in my home studio for my producer before I fractured my right radius.

Current plans are to work with Brad Hatfield, a Berklee professor and pianist for The Boston Pops. He’ll be the music director for this project. Before disabling my right hand I was planning on writing out scores to the songs once we solidified the selections.

Plan B.

Though my left hand has been picking up the slack admiringly (I wrote checks – yes, we still use those old dinosaurs – for bills with my left hand – it only took a couple hours longer), it is slow going. I decided the most effective way to map out the songs for the music director would be to use a lyric sheet and scribe the chord symbols, along with cursory music notation for any particularly important melodic lines of the piano, onto said sheet.

I seriously mourned not being able to create my cherished handwritten scores – as I still love to write music out by hand rather than use the by now industry standard music notation software. Although I know it’s far more professional and expedient to create musical scores on the computer – I resist. Ahh, my resistance – my friend and nemesis!

So – I arduously, yet with positive fortitude, set about my task – for ten of the thirteen songs. It took me a couple days. Though a bit rustic, I believe the final products got the information across adequately. I compiled my home recordings and pdfs of scores and sent them off through Dropbox to my producer to send off to Brad.

Crit confirmed receiving them in an email replete with a BTW:

I got a kick out of your left-handed charts. It was like a 4 year-old musical prodigy wrote them 🙂

Hey, I’ll take compliments in any form.