I am going to get political – though as a U.S. citizen I’m embarrassed this is a political issue.

I continue to feel both disheartened and baffled that a country as well off as ours still cannot see clear to give everyone healthcare. Someone I heard interviewed noted that the conservative party of the United States is the only conservative party in all the world’s developed nations who does not see fit to give the uninsured insurance.

What’s up with that? Quite a questionable legacy to tout.

A Canadian official said the Canadians, when voting for universal healthcare, realized they’d be diminishing their ability to research for cutting edge medical breakthroughs. They would no longer be putting the bulk of their emphasis on pursuing state-of- the art medical procedures but rather would be focusing on the common good for all. They consciously chose to level the playing field and give everyone equal access to equal medical care as a basic human right.

Perhaps they took a step toward accepting that death comes to all and maybe the emphasis should be on giving as many as possible a decent and healthy life, rather than a chosen few as long a life as they could possibly eek out.

In our Declaration of Independence there are three things listed as our inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Without easy, guaranteed access to adequate medical care those inalienable rights are difficult to ensure.

As a government it is our duty to ensure them for our citizens.

Healthcare not Wealthcare.