I continue to be uplifted and amazed by the goodness in young humans. For the past two home Cross Country meets I have stood at the entrance of the new course, just recently installed, through the woods. http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/20170710/cross-country-trail-work-starts-in-hopkinton The runners pass by twice – first toward the beginning to head into the woods to Center Trail toward the Loop Road exit side – and second as they make their final push to the track to finish.

Girls and boys run in separate groups. Depending on which one goes first, the others come to root on their compatriots – and those of the other team as well. Many stay long past the frontrunners passing by. Some stay until the very last ones come in.

When the very last runners come in you hear cheers ringing from the finish line.

As an elder I feel an intriguing investment in each runner feeling good about what and how they’re doing – no matter what team they’re on. Believe me, I want Hopkinton runners to outrun their counterparts – but I do yearn for each one to feel good and confident about at least part of their achievement.

Aging is a curious process. You get to revisit yourself from varying perspectives as you witness others going through stages you’ve (presumably) already been through.

And somehow I find myself hopeful they’re doing it just a little bit kinder toward them selves than I was at their age.

And from what I could tell at those Cross Country meets – they are.