Two true patriots.

Taking a knee to me is a solid act of patriotism.

It is saying that we expect more from our nation. We expect our nation to live into all our flag symbolizes. Taking a knee is an outward expression of an inward brokenness.

Our nation is broken and personally I am grateful to those who are brave, thoughtful and care enough to say so by taking a knee during the national anthem.

We as a nation and a people are better than this. We are better than a people who can say it’s okay not to have ‘justice for all’. We are better than a people who say if you kill another unlawfully due to your fear of the color of their skin, or anything other than a direct threat to your life or the life of another, you won’t be held accountable. We are better than a people who can allow a powerful lobby group to irresponsibly inundate our nation with deadly weapons supporting an industry’s gluttonous amassing of their own fortune. We are better than a people who will not take full responsibility for past wrongs and meaningfully set them right.

We are better than this. Aren’t we?

I am no better than anyone else. It takes a lot of effort to train and retrain a mind steeped in narrow story. It’s a lifetime of effort. But one well worth taking.

Like taking a knee.