There is a salt of the earth woman in the musical I’m working on. She sells flowers in the market square. The backstory to the main plot is that the queen and king are unable to have children. Ever since she was young, the queen yearned for a child. She sings about it in ‘A Child of My Own.’

Whenever she goes to the marketplace ‘Queenie’ (as the Flower Peddlar calls her) watches forlornly while children play. This one particular time an urchin, one of the Flower Peddlar’s children, chants a singsong verse of ‘Ring Around the Rosey’: “The queen’s up in her castle, she wants her own wee rascal, she tries and tries and cries and cries, ‘cuz no one’s in her satchel!”

Understandably the queen becomes incensed and chides the child. The Flower Peddlar comes out from behind her cart upon hearing the commotion. The queen alienates her, criticizing her parenting. The Flower Peddlar promptly leaves. In the song ‘If You Knew’, the urchin informs the queen that she’s just offended the one person who could have helped.

The short of it is, eventually the Flower Peddlar comes back and gives the queen a remedy. Beforehand the queen sang a song of how sweet it would be raising a child. After listening the Flower Peddlar, who has raised many, gives her own view in her song ‘Children’: