There I was driving down the Mass Pike headed for a morning at the Boston Museum of Science (where we have been members since 1990), transporting two thirteen year old boys to roam the exhibits together on this Friday off from school.

The thirteen year old who belongs to us was supposed to be headed off to hike the Long Trail with his Boy Scout Troop at noon today but it has been postponed until tomorrow morning at 5am due to anticipated extreme cold this evening.

So, as I was saying, there I was – when suddenly – BLOG – rollicked into my mind. FRIDAY! The thirteen year old sleepover last night was impromptu – the staying up until 2am when bedtime was supposed to be 11pm I’m SURE was impromptu – the friend’s getting up and sleepwalking down the staircase to the dinosaur futon couch downstairs also seems to fit well into the category of impromptu – as does this week’s blog!

…and I’m quite enjoying the musing of its definitions:

  • done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed
  • a short piece of instrumental music, especially a solo, that is reminiscent of an improvisation