The radio plays are being readied for submission to!

Editing these babies can get arduous – in no way due to quality and workship. The main characters are played masterfully by Judith Black, Diane Edgecomb, Vance Gilbert, and Jackson Gillman; sound effects made magnificent by Foley artist, Philly Chatterton; engineering handled most adeptly by Jon Lupfer and James Bridges of Q Division Studios; and Crit Harmon produces the final mastering and formatting. In the hands of these folks these radio plays are being brought to some fun kind of life!

And James continues to be my editing engineer.

The arduousness stems not from them but me! Me and my detail oriented, micromanaging mind wielding the taskmaster’s whip!

But not all (actually, nothing, to be quite frank) is lost – two are officially DONE! Done, done, done!* (Listen to the clip below from ‘Leo’s Lullaby’.)

Yesterday during the snowstorm I worked from 9am to 2:30pm, with a break for lunch, finishing up (we hope!) edits for the final four. With a great sigh of relief I sent them off to my editing engineer.

Sorry, James.