I had one of those Ah-ha moments yesterday.

I have two pet peeves – spending time enough outdoors and working on creative projects. If I (or OTHERs around me) are not doing either, my scale balance lurches drastically to one side and remains there whilst I rant, badger, cajole and (usually) nothing comes of it.

Not a winning strategy.

So yesterday I felt inspired to create two books – one digital, one analog. I went to the computer for one, arranging photos into an order that facilitated a story delivered in limerick verse. Clicked on ‘Buy Book’ and Apple is sending me one.https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19815?locale=en_US

The other I visited our local Paper Source store and found fanciful paper https://www.papersource.com/giftwrap/fine-paper.html as palettes for magazine cut-letter messages.

Then I had my Ah-ha moment.

That fire in the belly feeling I get for being outside and working on creative projects is meant for me. All ranting, badgering and cajoling can be easily avoided by attending to my own fire in the belly myself.