For some reason I tend to be tough on myself regarding many things – not least of which, my music. It could stem from one’s mom illuminating every mistake ever made in recitals. Although most likely it stems from a predisposition at birth!

Per (third) request of my songwriting coach, I worked out a beefed up piano arrangement for Both Sides Now, based off the one my friend Ester Na wrote years ago per request of me. I enriched many of the harmonies.

When I handed the written arrangements for my album over to Brad Hatfield, I figured he’d use them as reference for his own far more experienced arrangements – believing Both Sides Now would be thoroughly morphed. And upon ensuing hearings, I believed it was.

Now I am woodshedding Brad’s piano parts. For Both Sides Now I started with the bass line, added the soprano, then began listening for his inner harmonies. Stumped after the first few, I gave up, grabbed my original sheet music and began filling in with what I had originally written.

To my great surprise he had performed my harmonies nearly verbatim – adding dropped bass notes and simplifying one harmony for a smoother transition.

For some reason I found that hard to believe. Here’s a taste…