It was last Sunday between masses and I was the cantor for our church. On the way over from the rectory my young organist friend informed me that in the case of a United States governmental shut down (which we had just been discussing rather heatedly), Congress’ salaries don’t get shut off.

I was floored. I do my best to take things I can wield little influence on rather lightly, so as not to catch myself up in spinning my wheels. But it felt like yet another self-serving advantage for our leaders to be able to be voting on something that would have no effect on them.

There was a rockslide inside. Congressional leaders make six figure salaries and get pensions. They get the best healthcare paid for. They may pocket great sums of money from outside sources connected with their office. And they can let the government shut down with no undue burden delivered unto their own persons.

And they’re in charge of representing our own best interests. Hmm.

I really do not think these are the tenets our founders had in mind when they established our Union.

Distraught to near tears I asked our pastor how one can live in and deal with such blatant injustice. He closed his eyes, stood tall and stock still, held hands palm up, middle fingers and thumb tips touching, and droned “Ommmmm.”