There are many steps to recording and distributing a CD/digital album. One part of the process is getting the artwork done.

Along with the music, written and spoken word arts, I love to dwell in the visual arts world.

For Both Sides Now I am working with a very talented designer, Sarah Beth Wiley Smith of SBWS Design. We have been going back and forth with her images and I am in awe of her creations.

My job is to bear witness, scrutinize and interpret my inner stirrings as I view and review her iterations. And then as those inner stirrings arise, I must hold them out and up for any staid bias I might carry. I have lived enough years and been through enough experiences to know my initial responses can tend toward the primal survival instinct. When faced with different I can staunchly say, NO!

Throughout the recording process my producer suggested approaches that were not innate to me. As any good, healthy immune system, I can be quick to reject the stranger. Whereas in my younger years I would react defensively. Grateful for this latter day awareness of my primal tendencies (when I catch myself, that is), I am afforded the ability to    pause     .

And it is that very      pause      that gives me the opportunity to learn something new. And I do believe that is one of the reasons I am here. It is certainly one of this life’s greatest joys!