Politically and ideologically I continue to find this a hard period to live through.

I do not believe I am too naïve a person. I mean – I did grow up in myself. As a child, well into my twenties and thirties, I brought myself up to steep lie upon lie to both myself, and others – and forgot who I told what to – and defended wholeheartedly my infallible honor, integrity and perfection – and to some degree believed it. (I have since discovered all thatl stems from fear, but that’s a discussion for another day.) So I am not naïve to darker stirrings of the human soul.

It is difficult to look on as a person with great power seeks to dismantle all the ideals I have long believed our country represented. Represented. I am wizened enough to know we have not always lived into them. But they were our lighthouses.

Now we have relief for the underprivileged billionaires of corporations in which executives make 300x the salaries of their workers; intentions to fire people who are investigating important national security breaches, holding personal interests over national interests; the mocking, belittling, besmirching, and even more troubling, neglecting, of those perceived as different and inferior to one’s own person (due to fear).

As I continue to be battered with updates, I feel caught in a riptide – with that mirrored lighthouse light growing dimmer and dimmer. The protocol in a riptide is to relax and not fight it, that at some point it will release you. I pray for release. Though I may need to reconsider my metaphor – because
that lighthouse is something worth fighting for.