I have felt overwhelmed by sadness these past couple days. Somber times.

The shooting in Florida. I had the news on while waiting in the car. I had heard several accounts of the shooting, but suddenly started sobbing – hard to catch my breath sobbing.

I simply cannot fathom the callousness and detachment. Seventeen more people die in the eighteenth United States of America school shooting in 2018 – by a person using the same gun that has been so effective in other mass shootings here in our nation – and the people clothed with the power to change things on a national level cannot see fit to take meaningful, bold, responsible action.

Ban these deadly assault weapons!

I try mentally to place myself in the bodies of these people marching around the halls of congress, touting their rights to use military style guns as an essential part of their second amendment rights – with people in a national organization who give them millions of dollars  to keep their hands off sensible gun control measures – and hear only in America are these rampant school shootings happening – and only in America do we legally let people get guns more easily than driver’s licenses – and my already trampled over belief in the basic humaneness of fellow human beings, given bounteous privileges of both freedom and relative prosperity, stand dangerously stubborn in their demands for access to a weapon so blatantly inhumane. ‘Safety’ is crumbling and people in charge are hogtied by themselves and others.

What will it take for them to get overwhelmed enough to act?