So – no doubt it’s a condition of my age. This morning or last I fired up my computer to get to work and there was a photo of Mitt Romney with a headline about his upcoming announcement.

Politics aside – what I saw most notably were his wrinkles. And immediately what rollicked to mind was, ‘Why is it OK for men to have wrinkles in close ups but women’s faces need to be ‘touched up’? In the media you will rarely see a photo of women with a healthy amount of wrinkles.

I have had two photo shoots in the past couple years. In the first one the young photographer who took my pictures ‘touched up’ my photos without me even asking. The most recent one left all the wrinkles in. And I wish I could have looked at them and said, “Yup. That’s me.” And even when he ‘touched up’ the photos, I STILL had wrinkles! And I really do love them. Because each one of them has been earned.

So someday I pray women can go out and get their pictures taken and looked upon with total acceptance for their lack of makeup and plethora of wrinkles! There’s a goal worth striving for.