There’s nothing I love more than sledding after a good snow fall (except perhaps cross country skiing). I used to take my older two kids, Christina and Dylan, to this great three-tiered hill in Westborough near the High School. They’ve since reconfigured that hill accommodating for new home construction. That caused a heartache.

Since moving to downtown Hopkinton, the State Park has become our go-to place for sledding. It is a two-tiered hill but quite formidable.

I note how as Sam has grown older the height of our starting place has grown higher, until these past couple years when we automatically go to the highest and steepest part of the slope. Teenagers to our left built a substantial jump and careened down and off it on lime green plastic saucers.

A friend/family group to our right, ranging in age from two to twenty-something, were busy shifting sleds, turns, riders every which was but loose, with teen and preteen boys impishly plowing each other down as they made their ways back up to the top after their runs.

We were three – Mom and two thirteen year old friends – one son, one not. We had two zipfys and a foam toboggan. I practiced my parenting skills by not practicing them. Keeping silent and turning a blind eye as various and sundry exchanges that did not meet my textbook expectations took place between the two teens. I focussed on my sledding.

Zipfys are my favorites.Shaped like a saddle with an extended pommel for holding, they can go very fast. They can go very fast down a steep two-tiered hill. They can fly very fast up into the air when one hits the lip of the second tier. They can fly very far and hurt very much when one lands back on one after flying very fast up into the air.

And now I cringe whenever I sit down coccyx hurts!