I’ve started studying with Don White. http://www.donwhite.net I’m looking to up my performing and know I’m going to get a whole lot of help from him. Already I’m beginning to get a greater grasp on what this profession is all about.

One job of entertaining and performing is about helping people. It’s about lifting folks out of the mundane – the every day lives we live – and giving them a moment in time that’s unique – memorable – something worth remembering. That’s been a new understanding for me over these past few years as I’ve delved deeper into the craft.

So now I’m working on a six-part opener. And one of my pursuits is to write a song that tells folks about me – my whereabouts, whoabouts and howabouts.

Upon driving home from that first coaching session with Don, a song began burbling up in my brain. I share with you the opening stanza:

So I told him, “You mean everything in the world to me, my darling. And if you ever lost your way I’d search this Earth to bring you home. But you’ve still got to wait ’til tenth grade for a new phone.”

You’ll have to come to one of my shows to hear the rest!

Ha! My first marketing move!