Sometimes there are stories that restore my faith in the humanity of humans.

On NPR the other day I heard an interview with the parents of the young man who broke the record for free throws for the Iowa Hawkeyes back in the 90s. A few days after accomplishing that feat he was killed in a collision with a snowplow.

Jettison to this season and another young Hawkeye was on the brink of breaking that young man’s record. Earlier that season he spoke with the fellow’s parents, who, after many years of not being able to handle going to Hawkeyes games, had returned to taking in their favorite team’s games.

Back in February Jordan Bohannon tied Chris Street’s record. He was fouled and went to the hoop for the free throw that would give him the new school record. He hit the front of the rim – on purpose.

For the record, he hit the rim.

But for humanity, he hit (forgive me, basketball fans) a homerun.