“I was blessed to listen to Both Sides Now on the way back home. I hear a new tone in this collection, grounded in deeply-rooted wisdom and sense of self, woven with the melange of whimsy, wilderness, poignancy, and joy that is your special gift. 

Along with your voice, that of the woodwinds took me by surprise time and time again, transporting me with a sense of warmth and blossoming joy.

Masterful work, sister…”

The album is done. Preparations for its CD release party on June 10th, 1pm @ Amazing Things in Framingham are in full swing. (BUY TIX on my Home page!) http://www.amandamaffei.com/  I’m mapping out stage, lights, and sound plans. I’ve lined up a sensational band and am working to create a great show.

Have you ever had to, in your life, resolve to prevail over inner naysayers no matter what?

It’s not that I haven’t had loads of enlivening experiences and opportunities. I have all along the way. But this quest has been ever-present yet veiled over by layers of fog. It has felt so distant and unattainable. Fears and doubts still grind away but I commit daily to action. Some people do this naturally. Some people do this out of necessity. It’s one of those ‘If not now, when?’ quests.

Here’s a clip for your enjoyment: