I’m playing Mechanics Hall in Worcester! Between eight ten and nine ten this Sunday morning!

Our town is fortunate to have an abundantly healthy music program. That fortune has taken a lot of diligent work through the years by a very talented music staff. One benefit our students reap is being able to participate in high quality musical groups. One of these groups, the high school choir directed by the exceptional Isaac Brody, https://www.hopkinton.k12.ma.us/Page/1941 won Gold in the MICCA festival and have been awarded the opportunity to sing at Mechanics Hall this coming Sunday morning.

Join us!

Last week I spied an email from our Music Director putting out the ‘all call’ for an accompanist to play for the choir as their accompanist was unable to make the Mechanics Hall event. I deftly did not open the email for a couple days, hoping upon hope they’d find someone. (Oops. I should not have printed that.) Thursday I opened the email. Thursday I found out they hadn’t. Thursday I started practicing.

As I suspected, the piece is both interesting and challenging. ‘Dominic Has A Doll’ is a poem by e.e. cummings. http://eecummings.tumblr.com/post/75771100/dominic-has-a-doll-wired-to-the-radiator-of-his . Vincent Persichetti composed a choral setting of the poem in the 60s. It is both eclectic, Schoenberg-eske and awkwardly, somehow naturally rhythmic. The Hopkinton High School Choir with Mr. Brody struck gold with this piece – as did we Hopkintonians.

The piece lasts for less than two minutes. Feast your ears on a piece of a world we rarely get to visit in our every day lives. I’m grateful for this brief, intense connection with the excellence of the choir and their leader, Vincent Persichetti’s inventive musical genius, and the playful insight of e.e. cummings. I have truly struck gold.