Miriam Therese Winter, a catholic nun from Hartford, Connecticut, has written a collection of four books reworking catholic texts: WomanPrayer/ WomanSong; WomanWord; WomanWisdom; WomanWitness. https://www.hartsem.edu/faculty/miriam-therese-winter/ Those four books have been sitting on my shelf for nearly two decades. Researching Paul Winter, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We-_2lWXJgI I came across his sister MT, who has devoted her energy to the feminine God.

Studying theology at BC dissolved a diseased untruth I held for years – an insidious demoralizing thought murmuring under the radar and substantively throughout my young  impressionable mind – that women were less than men, dumb and not worth listening to – painful and embarrassing to admit – but there it is. With that malignancy, at BC I swore (as I have throughout my life against those things that eventually come around to ‘bite the back of my butt’ – and teach me things I need to learn) I would never read feminist literature. I did – and found a home I never knew existed.

Two days ago I began reading Winter’s treatises. She says “… to test the validity of anyone’s claim to inclusivity, try referring to God as She.” She did so – with a male colleague who was unwilling to call God ‘Mother’ because it was exclusive. He resolved, “Let’s just call Him It.”

An excerpt from WomanPrayer/ WomanSong: “God sang: Let there be life fashioned in My image. She created humankind in Her image, rational beings She created them, female and male She created them, from out of the earth She created them. From humus of earth, from mud, from muck, She fashioned in Her image woman and man, breathed into them Her spirit, the very breath of life. From the beginning, humankind is the love child of our God in the womb of mother earth.” p.27

I cannot express the depths of warmth and belongingness I feel reading God as She. In the beginning, middle and end it is but mystery to me and I hold it so. If we who are of religious leanings allow for diverse imagery, perspective, ritual, and belief, I believe living would be better for it.