One aspect of the Obama presidency I took heart in was the clear, firm respect and joy each spouse had for the other. I trust that continues. And I trust they have their bristles and bumps like any two people who choose to live in close quarters for life.

Every once in a while, when our as of lately revealed questionably ethical Facebook suggests there’s a video I might like, I click on one. I believe the title to this one read something like, ‘The Obama’s Answer Children’s Questions.’

This question read, “Which one of you is funnier?”

With the President sitting in an armchair and the First Lady on the arm looking over his shoulder at the iPad they both caught one another’s eyes. It went something like this:

President: “Oh, she is. She teases me about my big ears, my grey hair…”

First Lady: “Oh yeah, your hair is pretty grey now…”

President (to the camera): “You see – she is – but that’s because I’m not allowed to say those things to her.”

First Lady: “Oh no you’re not.”

President: “No I’m not. (pause) And that’s why she’s funnier.”

I could not stop grinning thinking of all the times my husband has said, “Now if I said something like that to you I’d be in big trouble.” Of course he would. That’s just the way of things. That’s why when asked the correct response is, “She’s funnier.” And I can just hear my husband’s voice right now saying [inadvisedly so], “But looks aren’t everything.”

He didn’t listen closely enough to his president when he had the chance!