Monday I met with Don White for a coaching session. We were talking band members for the concert June 10th. Don referred to them as my mercenaries. I don’t disagree. Nor do I shy away from hiring a band of mercenaries. (I mean, I would if we were going by the word’s most common definition.)

There’s a deep down answering I feel working with top notch professionals – the main benefit being the hours they’ve spent at their craft in myriad situations leading to a flexibility in calling up endless options.

Hmmm…I was going to continue on speaking of how hiring tried and true professionals affords a magnificent palette to work from and how the best in them brings out the best in you; and how when I was younger working with lesser experienced (as I was) I’d get frustrated not hearing what I wanted to hear and press harder and harder to get what I wanted.


I’m reminded of when I sat in Q Division’s control room watching and listening to one of my mercenaries recording parts and thinking, “No, no, no! That’s not the way I’ve been hearing it!” And feeling that well-worn path of seeking to satisfy that which I want, stating my own case and trying to get it over and over again – but I opted not to. It helped that my ringer music director was in the recording room nodding and moving onto the next thing. And I’ve had enough experience with the ME in me to know at times like these it’s advisable to keep my thoughts to myself and allow another’s realm to inform mine. And so I did. And now all those parts once foreign live rich and magnificently as a new musical home.

Here’s a taste to entice you to come hear Manda’s Mercenaries Sunday, June 10th @ 1pm @ Amazing Things, Framingham in person!