That is the question.

Suffice it to say getting my Each Song A Story radio plays Celebrate the Colors, Claire Bear from No One Knows Where, Fixing the Dinosaur, Leo’s Lullaby, The Pirate Way and Rocketeers Sam and Grace up on has been a trying adventure.

You must submit your recordings through ACX in order to get anything up on To submit to ACX you must have a physical copy of your product up on To get a physical copy up on you have to submit to Once CreateSpace  accepts your submission they put it up on As it turns out, your physical product (either book or CD) has to be in Amazon’s BOOKSTORE for ACX to access its title.

The six CDs are for sale on in their AUDIO division. Because my radio plays (not books) are CDs (not books) they cannot be placed in the BOOKSTORE. CreateSpace submits all CDs to Amazon’s AUDIO. But ACX cannot access any titles from AUDIO. Hence the Groundhog Day experience.

Suffice it to say I have spoken with every representative of all four organizations and all organizations are incapable of moving my CDs from AUDIO to BOOKSTORE. So I’ve finally been put in touch with a fellow who is calling me every other day to give me updates. So far the updates are that none of the four organizations can switch my CDs from AUDIO to BOOKSTORE. (I bit my lip.) So now we’re trying Kindle – a publisher who relies wholly on the written word and illustrations.

I’ll keep you posted.