When I was growing up my one of my dad’s most oft repeated phrases was “If it took intelligence to build a computer it took intelligence to build this hand.” That still makes a whole lot of sense to me – although our two understandings of the nature of that intelligence may differ. I do not necessarily believe there is a bigger than life mind out there thinking lots of things up – or into existence. I do believe our universe and this force we know as life and love is pretty miraculous.

It’s the little things that let me know there’s more to life than I can possibly know.

About a week ago I was driving down the back road I take to cut over from Rte. 9 to Rte. 85. I hit the timing just right to see two elementary school age boys I knew from church getting off the school bus at home. One, Jonathan, is an altar server.

I am a cantor at our church. This past Sunday I was on.

I arrived a half hour early to go over the music with our organist Jonathan. I was turning to Hymn #148, as per the sign at the front of the sanctuary, but he was playing a different one. “Did you misread the number,” he asked. As it turns out the Saturday cantor switched the last two numbers when putting them up. Hymn #184 was the actual hymn docketed. I’d change the numbers when I headed back down from the loft.

I forgot.

Change to  the sacristy a few minutes before mass. Altar server Jonathan came in and donned his robe.

We say ‘hi’ and then I say, “I saw you earlier this week getting off your school bus.” “Where?” “At home.” “Where?” “Home. Your mom was there and I saw you and your brother get off the bus.” (More adamant.) “Where?” (Stumped.) “What do you mean, ‘where’?” “What number.” “I don’t know what number – I wasn’t snoopy enough to look.” (An anticipatory pause on his part.) (Yielding.) “What number do you live at?” “184.”

I lurch towards the hallway door. “Oh! I forgot to change the number of the hymn!”

Those things are all the proof I need there’s an energy greater than me working in this world!