The radio plays are almost available on! The goal is for them to be there by  CD release concert time on June 10th

As I listened through each of them as part of the audio upload process, I couldn’t help but feel deeply honored and grateful for the tremendous work of my artist friends Vance Gilbert, Diane Edgecomb, Jackson Gillman, Judith Black, Dylan Campbell (my son,too!) and Mary Scarlata-Rowe. Their performances, along with the sound effects of Philly Chatterton and the editing of James Bridges, bring these plays to a level of artistry that quite frankly astounds me. I like to think I speak without bias, but my son & daughter-in-law suggested that might be a wee bit unlikely in that I wrote and produced them.

I was listening to ‘Leo’s Lullaby’. Leo’s deep down desire is to sing his cubs to sleep. There’s only one problem…and you’ll have to find that out when you purchase the radio play/song combo for yourself! 🙂

But it got me thinking about my own deep down desires. One main deep down desire has always been to sing my music with a really great band in a fun, meaningful and uplifting way to give my audience a good time. And it dawned on me – what Leah, Leo’s wife and best friend says about deep down desires getting done. And even though I wrote it I didn’t know it until now. How does that happen?

Rather than me telling you what she says, I’ll let her and Leo do the talking: