Don White is one of my coaches. I’ve been working with him for a few months. As regards promoting my CD Release Party he said, “Do everything you can to get folks there, so when event time comes you have no regrets. And then – have fun! That’s our job – to entertain – to give folks a great time.”

That’s a work doctrine to live by. Don has expertly mapped out the job of an entertainer. I won’t go into details because people pay him for that! Though his business approach to entertaining is comprehensive and sensible – it is not necessarily intuitive or easy for the average artist. So I’m doing the promoting – the thing that comes most unnaturally to me – so far so good.

Now for the natural – I’ve set up a mini-stage at home to practice. It harkens me back to coming home from school, closing our TV room door, dropping the needle on Jackson Five records and pretending to be Michael Jackson on stage. I even mastered some of his footwork! (No, not the Moonwalk!)

Games. I love games. Hey! Let’s have folks scavenge for musical nods and jokes in my songs. T-shirts by Sarah Beth Wiley Smith for prizes! Let’s even get them singing if we can! I place myself in my make-believe audience and ask what I want Amanda Maffei to say and do up onstage between and during songs. (Everybody here inside just loves to chime in on that one!)

I am thrilled to venture into this new landscape. Not that music and performing is new – but the desire to develop my artistry entertaining is. After all, that’s the entertainer’s job – to give folks a great time.