It’s official! ‘Both Sides Now’ is FOR SALE on CD Baby!

I went to my Gmail account this morning and there was the notification! Instructions say to run through a mock sales transaction to make sure everything is in working order. It is! Click here to check it out:

Not only did I receive notification from CD Baby, but I also saw one from ACX – the gatekeeper company for Lo and behold, ‘Fixing the Dinosaur,’ one of my six radio plays, is now available on as well! Such a fortuitous day! (And heavily worked toward!) ‘Fixing the Dinosaur’ is a fun and whimsical radio play/song combo. The actors and musicians involved in this project did amazing work! And Philly Chatterton’s sound effects (Foley Artist who did the Muppet Christmas Movie) brought the whole soundscape to life! Check it out!

This journey has been long and adventuresome. I’m struck by how fortunate I am.

How fortunate to work with so many generous, creative, skilled and good-natured artists. How fortunate to encounter folks in the business world who are abundantly forthcoming with their wisdom, diligence, patience and encouragement. How fortunate to have family and friends who support my endeavors at every turn.

And most heartfeltly, how fortunate to have the means by way of my frugal and far-visioned father, to produce works I believe might have filled his heart with joy and his face with a smile.