Yesterday I was being real clever. Sam had a Boy Scout meeting to go to and I had an engagement at WICN 90.5 – a Worcester radio station. They were kicking off their summer fundraiser and I was with Nick Noble on his Folk Revival show from 7-8pm . Lotsa fun. He played one of my album tracks and I finished the hour playing one live. The most fun, though, was singing to folk groups I grew up with: the Limeliters , the Weavers , Peter, Paul & Mary .

But – back to me being clever. Because final tests are happening this week for eighth grade I nixed all Playstation/computer time for Sam – ‘giving’ him extra time to study – which he, as a fourteen year old, fully appreciated. So – whereas Peter is away in Montana visiting son Charlie, and Sam would be home alone for a bit before a friend came to pick him up for Boy Scouts, I surreptitiously whisked away the cord connecting his Playstation to the TV.  I knew I’d potentially face great consternation – or at the very least muffled disgruntlement – when I got hom –  but figured it was worth it.

9pm and I walked in through the kitchen door to a chatty, light and affable fourteen year old. No trace of consternation whatsoever nor mention of any missing cord.

And so I stand before you – ever so clever.