Dear Mrs. Trump,

I do. I really do care. I care that the figureheads of our nation stand for something that, at the very least, approaches honor and dignity. I care that as you are going to visit children and families suffering from uncertainty, abandonment and anxiety, you be mindful about giving them a sense of security and comfort – that you don’t wear a message so blatantly visible to the whole world, them included, setting all to wondering whether or not you truly do care about the people you are presumably seeking to soothe.

We are not yours to play with.

If it had been your husband wearing that message I would have been less affected. Perhaps it is due to your elusiveness from the media that I imagined you cared more for the souls of living beings. But you play this card. And it’s a cruel one to play – surreptitiously cruel – which makes it all the crueler.

I’m tired of hoping and waiting to hear some statement that speaks to a glimpse of humanity in Trump choices.

Why must Trumps tromp so heartlessly on so many? I feel sorry for whatever happened to you that causes you to feel moved to act as you do. Really.

When I truly search my heart I find I really do care, don’t you?