My brother many years ago suggested the book ‘The Gap’ by Dan Sullivan. I resisted – as I am wont to do.

Last week I read ‘The Gap’ and I wish there had not been such a wide gap from the time my brother first suggested it to my actual reading of it.

The short of it is this – many of us have IDEALs in mind. I have had and IDEAL regarding my music life since the time I was a teenager. Sullivan says the problem is that some people take those IDEALs as real instead of as the mental constructs that they are. They are not real. They are conjured.

An IDEAL is only meant to be a HORIZON.

Sullivan indicates that people who dwell in the negative (ME!) take their IDEAL as ACTUAL and so feel discontent because they can never live into it. Whereas people who dwell in the positive tend to hold their IDEAL as a horizon line – a vision to be acknowledged and taken for what it is – a mental construct.

And then they focus on their ACTUAL. How far they’ve come from where they were 10, 15, 20 years ago. And they begin measuring themselves by their achievements rather than the gap between them and their IDEAL

I am discovering some new found success dwelling in the ACTUAL.