This Sunday it will be three weeks from my CD release party. I’ve cleaned my office, revamped my website and started to get rolling on getting rolling. Some things are happening.

The One Great Thing (title of one of the album tracks) I’ve come away from the concert with is how much I LOVE bringing such a high energy, fun moment to others. The band was amazing (we’ll be doing it again August 19th, 5-7pm here at the Hopkinton Town Common) as was the audience. Don White said, “The main thing is to HAVE FUN.” And, though I can’t speak for all, I KNOW I did!”

I’ve been around long enough to know I must be ever so mindful after such a big event. Friends helped me take in the accomplishment even the very next day as my mind was filled with ‘Now what?’

Some ‘now what’s’ are beginning to happen. From a friend’s suggestion I sent one of my radio plays off to a fellow in London who is going to play at least one of them on one of his weekly storytelling broadcasts. I’ll be opening for John Davidson (Yes, the host of a few well known OLD game shows including ‘The $100,000 Pyramid”) at the Me&Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead in September. And ‘Amanda Maffei and Her Mercenaries’ will be back together again to close out the ‘Concerts on the Common’ series here in Hopkinton in August.

In the spiritual work I’ve been involved in for a number of years one of the practices I’ve found helpful is to trust the process. Much of my life I’ve spent berating myself for not doing more.

Lately there’s been a shift and I’ve begun to accept things as they are and, rather than focusing on the infinite number of things that AREN’T happening, I’m practicing appreciating the things that ARE happening.