I have always wanted brown skin. Actually, I’ve always had brown skin – started out with light beige but extremities have shaded permanently browner from the sun. I wanted dark brown skin when I was a kid – more sober-mindedly so once I became aware of grave shortcomings in our nation’s psyche regarding skin color.

I do trust our national psyche is evolving (however painfully and slowly) toward smarter realms; but for now, at 58, I find myself perpetually agitated. The travesty of all the talent, wisdom, friendship, knowledge, spiritual growth, joy and cultural expansion we’ve lost, and continue to lose, bridled to our primal instincts is weighing heavily on me as of late. Perhaps it’s due to the upsurge of our national underbelly – which has to be ferreted out, discussed, amended and resolved.

We are all shades of brown. My artistic self loves rich, defined color.

In researching one of my radio plays I discovered light skin comes from mutated genes. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/12/15/AR2005121501728.html?noredirect=on It does make sense that humans were meant for darker skin. Our species started in African where the sun’s rays are intense. Our dark skin protects us from the harmful rays. The human species owes its longevity to darker skin.

And considering today’s ever-warming climate, the irony of our ill-conceived prejudice toward lighter skin isn’t lost on me: What color skin will best survive Earth’s global warming? brown – the browner the better.