(Apologies for the X-rated-ness of the image…or is it G-rated by now?)

“This is worse than childbirth.”

That’s what I said as my physical therapist worked my calf a number of years ago due to an Achilles injury. Now I’ve waited another 5 or so years before going back and it’s like childbirth again.

It’s a curious thing – the body. The physical therapist this morning was as mean as the first. (They’re both actually very friendly, just rightly aggressive connecting with stubborn tissues!) She had me walk before she ground her thumbs and elbows into my calf to release all the stiffness that’s been building due to my negligence. By watching my gait and how I stood one-footed she could tell my right ankle was far less flexible than my left.

All I know is the right is a constant complaining companion.

As she began digging in I felt pings up and down my hamstring, into the back of the knee – myriad places she wasn’t venturing near. That’s when I felt struck by the interconnectedness of all our tissues – all our tendons https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/picture-of-the-achilles-tendon#1 – the world’s everythings – the butterfly’s beating of the wing that sets in motion the chain reactions leading to a hurricane – and so on and so forth.

There are vast lifetimes of things to learn. If I could, I’d shrink down, enter into my calf/ankle/thigh area and follow trek along the connections there to get to know myself better.

I marvel at the ability of physical therapists to find all the hot spots and dig down in – well, not the actual digging down in – but the knowledge that leads them to recognize what they’re feeling there in those tissues. And the thought occurs to me that’s a common thread among all therapies. And that it might behoove me to consider my connections with greater attending and care.