I am striving to keep an open mind. I consider it important to honor those in charge of running things, knowing that I do not have access to the knowledge and information they have, nor have I made the commitment they have to serve. I have found this practice particularly challenging since January of 2017.

A few days ago when I opened my email account to see the news that 12 billion dollars in aid was being set aside for farmers due to the newly imposed tariffs, my jaw tightened.

I heard one commentator say our current president practices creating his own crises; resolves his own crises; then claims him self the victor/hero/genius.

Earlier this year there was no need for an extra $12 billion because apparently things were thriving.

I truly do hope l am not seeing things with a broad enough perspective and what he’s doing will ultimately aid our nation.

But I also know the tendency to create one’s own crisis. I’ve done (and perhaps at times still do) it. Just not as President of the United States.