This August 19thmarks the 2ndand final currently booked concert for ‘Amanda Maffei and Her Mercenaries’.

Working with a band brings me back to my teenage years when we put together summer bands. We used to practice in our basement – Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Wonder days. We rehearsed all summer and gave a concert for family and friends at the end.

Then there were the 80s into the early 90s when I performed with a couple Top 40 duos/trios and a five-piece band called ‘Cruise Control.’ I wore my hair in a perm, donned colorful clothes and remembered getting so into it I did a ‘David Lee Roth-esque’ jump/split onstage at a Naval Base in Newport, Rhode Island. Cruise Control rehearsed a couple times a week and played out weekends. Kept that up for a couple years.

Becoming a single mom I gave up the late night work and became a teacher, where perhaps (‘David Lee Roth-esque’ split-jumps may have come in handy – especially in my middle school teaching years.)

So all summer long rehearsing. Rehearsing two times a week. And with these guys we rehearse once and then off we go on August 19th.. Brad Hatfield, Jim Gwin, Jesse Willliams, Larry Luddecke and Billy Novick are joining me. My mercenaries. Though I am loath to dwell on the terminology, I smile when I think of them showing up, making a (musical) hit, and taking off.

Come to Hopkinton Town Common Sunday, August 19th, 5-7pm. FREE!

Come hear (me) Amanda Maffei and Her Mercenaries – for FREE – Sunday, August 19th, 5-7pm. It’ll be a couple of the best hours you’ve spent for free in a long time! Love for you to be there! CDs & T-shirts available.