I cringed when I saw another ‘thin blue line’ United States of America flag flying on the back of a pick up truck yesterday.

They miss the point. It’s not about police being upheld and respected. As a nation, they are. It is about righting a wrong to a group of us people who have not yet received the decency and respect from our country that is their absolute and unalienable right.

There’s not need to purport the rights of police. I utterly respect and appreciate police. They have been extremely helpful to me throughout my life.

Every person in this country should have the opportunity to experience that.

We don’t need ‘thin blue line’ flags or blue ribbons around telephone poles. We need to face our own tendencies toward dehumanizing those we choose to see as ‘other’ and begin to ferret out the riotous fear that has so sickened our national psyche. And we need to make a huge national amends to a group of our people who have been and continue to be greatly wronged due only to the shortcomings and wrongsightedness of others.

No more ‘thin blue line’ flags – rather – big bold brown hued flags declaiming all colors we humans come in!