I have been telling stories my whole life.

I am humbled to admit I told lots of stories to my family and friends growing up in order to hide truths I did not want to confess to.

But I also loved making up stories. I remember one time none of my siblings wanted to play so I dressed up as a pilgrim, went out in the yard and played among our big rocks building a hearth to cook on. My younger brother and sister and I rowed over to Back Beach and pretended to be stranded on a desert island.

So when I took my seat last Friday in Lowell at The Hearing Room https://www.hearingroom.net and told three of my radio-play stories (available on audible.com) to a modest crowd of youngsters, for the first time formally, and found myself unexpectedly in my own element. The telling became more fun the more I immersed myself in the story.

Though I do hope I continue to endeavor to keep myself from the telling of stories to twist the truth – as I did so prodigiously in my youth –  I look forward to expanding on this newfound fun of telling stories.