A musician friend, Tom Smith, sent his newsletter with links to a wonderful set he and his daughter performed at Passims. https://www.tomsmithmusic.com/?p=4078 In it, Mally sang Joni Mitchell’s ‘The Fiddle and the Drum” – a lyric excruciatingly apropros to our nation’s present state.

An ache persists deep within me as decisions continue to be made and touted in the name of our Country, which are antithetical to what we once stood for – and, – I trust – will stand for again. That ache intensified when I heard an 18 month-old baby died due to detention center workers neglecting to take seriously her mom’s pleas for medical help. https://www.thecut.com/2018/08/child-died-after-alleged-mistreatment-in-detention-center.html

I know I am capable of similar behaviors, left to my own devices! I work daily against my own primal instincts to paint ‘other’ as different, less than, inferior and inconsequential. Thoughts rear into my mind unbidden and I am grateful to know that they are by no means fact. They are defects based on fear and it’s my lifelong practice to counter them as best I can with humane acts of love, care and kindness.Our nation in the past has been capable of setting boundaries with care, respect and dignity as tenets. I look forward to a day when we have leaders and a leader for whom those qualities are brazenly broadcast.

Joni Mitchell’s song gives us a much needed corrective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6z79WMOPtk