My Achilles has been hurting for 5 years. This year I decided it was time to treat it. When I told James, our friend and owner of Platinum Physical Therapy, he just shook his head.

Since the summer I’ve been getting physical therapy and though the pain is not completely gone it is well on its way to getting there. I highly recommend Platinum Physical Therapy to you – even though they are mean. (Only kidding!)

James, along with Julianne, a young and talented physical therapist in his clinic, have been busily (and ruthlessly) pummeling and mangling my calf and ankle and demanding of me a rigorous exercise regimen that is beyond the limits any reasonable human being should have to endure!!! (But I digress.) One of my regimens is to run 30 minutes every other day (I used to run 8-20 miles a day when training for a marathon) – which I have been doing (mostly) dutifully.

As per usual, at my appointment yesterday James started off by asking me for an update. “Well, I’ve had two pain free runs this week. (Then I added, with a tinge of disgruntlement) But I’m having to consciously run in a way that avoids causing pain.” James stood dumbfounded and silent for a moment.  Then: “Yes – well – that’s what we’re supposed to do. I mean, I COULD run to cause myself pain – but I don’t.”

I’m embarrassed to admit that was the catalyst for my ‘ah ha’ moment – that I’m supposed to run in a conscious way so as not to cause myself pain. Up until those two pain free runs I’d been running in my usual way hoping not to feel pain. It was only after getting so frustrated with still feeling the pain that I grumpily decided to try shortening my stride and slowing down my pace so as not to stress my Achilles so much as I ran. I mean –  why couldn’t my Achilles just get better without me having to adjust so much?????!!!!!

I do hope my ‘ah ha’ moments evolve.